About us

Next Immobilier SA is a private real estate fund, created in 2003 and based in Lausanne.

Discover our foundations, our ambitions and our team.

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Next Immobilier SA’s mission is to strengthen the patrimonial base of the group Après-Demain SA.

Next Immobilier SA consists mainly of high-quality residential and commercial properties, based in the French and German speaking parts of Switzerland. Particular attention is paid to the maintenance and sustainable development of the buildings through regular and sustained investments.


The funds pursue an investment policy of increasing its assets through the development of construction projects that meet the latest environmental criteria and by seizing all acquisition opportunities.


The asset portfolio is composed of different types of objects ranging from rehabilitated buildings to the construction of new projects managed in collaboration with external agents. Its technical and administrative management aims to optimize its long term asset value.


Living Spaces

Our foundations

  • Long-term investments
  • Spirit of heritage and citizenship
  • Residential in Switzerland
  • Close to urban centers and/or major axes of communication

Our goals

  • Create a world of community and service
  • Offer flexibility and mix of spaces
  • Play an active role in changes of use
  • Have a positive environmental impact

Key dates

Creation of Next Immobilier SA
First acquisition, Tivoli
Construction of Epine and Sous-bois
Schlieren, First eco-neighborhood
Erlenmatt, First 2000 Watt district in Switzerland
Reopening of La Bavaria restaurant
Delivery Margencel (Development plan made by us)
Delivery of future eco-neighborhood Osiris

Our Team

Benjamin Favre

Joël Pissarra

Joël Pissarra

Associate director, Investments & transactions

Aline Lucchetta

Real estate property manager

Ana De Almeida

Administrative assistant

Ulysse Luginbühl

Construction & renovation manager

The numbers at a glance

Number of properties
Number of apartments
Global energy label (CO2) of the park
Number of commerical ㎡
Number of projects in construction

Our real estate park

Next Immobilier SA holds a portfolio of assets, mainly dedicated to residential housing, spread over twenty sites operating in direct collaboration with local real estate agencies.


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