Citizen initiatives

We place the well-being of our tenants at the heart of our priorities by creating environmentally-friendly living spaces

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Citizen initiatives

Environmental impact: ensuring the energy transition

Ever since Next was founded in 2003, we have been strongly committed to supporting the energy transition, and we are constantly updating the techniques used in our buildings by installing photovoltaic solar panels, heat pumps, charging stations and other equipment, while analyzing the most appropriate solutions.


Our entire portfolio is labeled through IMMOLABEL® (by Signa-Terre) and has been awarded the B label (CO2, SIA method, for 2021). The average CO2 emissions of our portfolio already meet the Confederation’s ambitious 2030 targets.

Social impact: making everyday life easier for tenants

We see each building as an opportunity to improve the quality of life of our tenants. The availability of shared infrastructures and a world of services are all assets that help build tenant loyalty. We are firmly convinced that living together and well-being are the key to the long-term value of our assets.

Partnerships & services

A range of services and benefits for our tenants

If you share our vision of the real estate of today and tomorrow, join our partners:


All our buildings are monitored by Immolabel®, conceived by Signa-Terre. This technology allows us to optimize tenant charges, plan ecological improvements, and estimate energy labels.


We offer all our tenants a free annual registration fora Mobility subscription.


All our laundry rooms are equipped with the a Eeproperty system, which simplifies the use, planning, and payment of the laundry room.


Connected parcel boxes allow for 24/7 access.


Zone aménagée avec un jardin et une table en bois dans un environnement vert Giziaux Epalinges en Suisse Espace de pique-nique avec table et grill à Margencel à Aigle
Boîte à colis connectée Giziaux à Epalinges en SuisseBoîte à colis connectées Futura à Schlieren en Suisse

Buanderie machine à laver et machine à sécher équipée et connectée avec système eeproperty

Casiers à lessive dans buanderie

Appartement d'hôte avec espace repas table et chaises décoration

Appartement d'hôte chambre aménagée d'un lit et de décorations

Appartement d'hôte cuisine équipée

Jardins partagés dans caisses en bois à Erlenmatt

Household waste collection
Tool lending, DIY and community spaces, and more!

Do you offer services that would make our tenants happy ?
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